Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ryder Cup Captain's Picks

American Ryder Cup team captain is a nice guy who would love to win the Ryder Cup later this month at Medinah outside of Chicago. After all, Europe has dominated this event most of the last 20 years.

The issue is David Love III may not know what it takes to win. His method of taking his four wild card selections in misguided at best.

The selection of Jim Furyk is a perfect example. Love had indicated that Furyk was going to make the solely based on begin a Ryder Cup veteran.

Usually experience is a good thing. But when your career Ryder Cup record is a mere 8-15(Jim Furyk)aren't you better off looking elsewhere? In other words, is " Ryder Cup experience" a good thing when the experience is almost always a losing one?

Love and all future Team USA captains would be better off at selecting players that not only have experience- but winning experience. Even taking someone with no experience is a better choice than selecting perennial losers in this event.

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